Belly Dancing and Prenatal Care

Another aspect of Eden’s belly dance teaching is revitalizing the ancient art form of belly dance as a distinctly feminine form of prenatal care. Belly dance is not only as a mode of performance, but also addresses the changing physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of pregnant women throughout all three trimesters. It offers a unique means to include and connect the mother to her baby while partaking in this belly dance exercise program.

Belly dance is wrongly thought of as a dance of sex and seduction. As one of the oldest dance forms predating the Bible, belly dance worships motherhood while addressing the practical preparation for natural childbirth. Belly dance is the ancient method of prenatal conditioning and celebrating of fertility. Belly dance encourages women to simultaneously feel connected to their femininity, mobility, and the increasing strength of specific muscles that are important for giving birth. It is essential that pregnant women stay active. Belly dance offers a means of feminine movement while fostering the relationship between mother and unborn child. Eden’s prenatal belly dance classes facilitate the unlocking women’s inner wisdom for prenatal conditioning. Eden helps women maintain a sense of physical confidence and sensuality while nurturing their babies in utero.