Curriculum Vitae


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  • Regularly dance at Various Fundraisers, Private Parties, Corporate
    Events, Restaurants, Night Clubs, and Weddings (1999-2019)
  •  Member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA) (2005-2019)
  • Member of Dancer’s in Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) (2008-2019)

Night Clubs

Soula’s (Formally Pan Restaurant) (In-House dancer) (2007-2019)
Christina’s (In-House dancer) (2000-2019)
Jerusalem (dancer) (2016-2018)
Fantasia (In-House dancer) (2016)
Ahura Night Club (dancer) (2012)
Padideh (dancer) (2012)
Shiraz Night Club (In-House dancer) (2007-2011)
Friend’s Night Club (dancer) (2008-2010)
1001 Nights (dancer) (2001-2010)
Ambrosia Night Club (dancer) (2006-2007)
Lula Lounge (dancer) (2003-2007)
Karoon (In-House dancer) (2004-2007)
Laxmi (dancer) (2002-2003)
Jerusalem (In-House dancer) (2003)
Legacy (dancer) (2003)
Sultan’s Tent (In-House dancer) (2000-2001)

Music Video “Belly” (2010)
Vison TV (2010)
Sun TV (2007)

People in the Public Eye

Henry Morgantaler (dancer/chor.) Clinic Christmas Party (2006)
Kirstie Alley (dancer/chor.) Sutton Place Hotel (2001)

Hannan’s Belly Dance Studio (2006-2008)

Eden Productions & Entertainment (2010-2019)
Dance for Toronto Belly Dance in a group and as a soloist (2006)
Co-Founder of Al-Lat Dance Company (2000)
Former member of Arabesque Dance Company (1999-2000)


Carlos Morgan
Juno Award Winner
(a.k.a.Carll Parkes)
(dancer/chor.) Drake Hotel (2006)

Fashion Shows

George Brown
Fashion Show
(dancer/chor.) Luxor (2001)

Theatre Performances

Purim Cabaret and “Jewish Mardis Gras” Masquerade Vashti (dancer and actor) Lula Lounge (2006/2007)
Snake Hips (2003) (dancer /chor. coordinator promoter stage manager) Caliban Arts Theatre
Rhythms of the Nile (dancer/chor. music arranger-Arabic/Jazz fusion) Caliban Arts Theatre (2002)
Descent of Ishtar Theatre (dancer) Harbourfront Premier Dance Arabesque Dance Company (2000)
fFIDA Theatre (dancer) Harbourfront Premier Dance Arabesque Dance Company (2000)

Other Performances

Feast of the East
Raquy and the Cavemen “Caravan”
(dancer/chor.) Lula Lounge (2006)
Toronto Belly DanceHoliday Party
“Enta Omri”
(dancer/chor.) Lula Lounge (2005)
Feast of the East
“I Put A Spell on You”
(lead dancer) Lula Lounge (2003)
The Artists’ Play
“Man Ray”
(dancer/chor.) Cervezaria (2003)
M-DO Studios
Christmas Party
“Taheyya’s Ankle”
(dancer/chor.) M-DO Studios (2002)
Dance Net
Academy (2000)
“The Execution”
(dancer/chor.) Arabesque Dance
Reza Dance
Al-Lat Dance Company
“The Feeling Begins”
(dancer/chor.) Reza Dance (2000)


Irie Fest (dancer/singer) Belly and All Together Woman (2010)
Harbourfront’s Canada Day (dancer) The Roulettes (2006)
Toronto Street Festival (dancer/chor.) Al-Lat Dance Company (2003)
Word on the Street (dancer) (1999)
Nathan Phillips Square (dancer) (1999)

Private Lessons/Workshops (2000-2019)
Om Laila Belly Dance for Body and Soul (2006)
Toronto Belly Dance Collective(2006)
Dancing on King (2002-2004)
Harbourfront Community Centre (2003)
M-Do Studios – Center for World Music and Dance (2002-2003)
Indigenous Theatre Company (2002)
Randolph School of Performing Arts (2000)

Arabesque Dance Academy “Shimmy Queen” 1999/2000

Middle Eastern Dance: Arabesque Dance Academy&Company, Roula Said,
Tahia Sassaine, Mayada, and Hannan.
Other Dance: West African, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop.
Related Dance Practices: Pilates (2004-2019)

The Randolph School of the Performing Arts – Diploma in Musical Theatre (2002)